A Guide To The Best Casino Games

November 4, 2021

A Guide To The Best Casino Games


Casino Games

The first legal site for gambling opened in 1638 in Venice, Italy. This was a monumental move towards legalizing casinos and contributed to the growth of gambling. Before that, people around the world would play popular card games within private rooms which were accompanied by the presence of music, dancers, and cigars. This “gentlemen’s” environment is another reason why casinos are now so popular, and entire cultures exist around the widespread games that are high adrenaline and hold even higher stakes. High-energy environments add to the allure of casinos and are often immersive and provide a unique experience to all who visit.

Human beings have placed bets on games for centuries, from horse racing to the outcome of card games. Put simply, casinos did not invent the concept of gambling and betting. However, they did create an exciting atmosphere that encourages players to participate and play for themselves. There is an aspect of human nature that thrives off of adrenaline and knowing that it’s all to play for, which is why so many people have invested in the sensory overloaded experience of lavish, loud casinos. Glamour has always been an essential part of the environment. From gentlemen playing poker within brothels to the enticing colors and sounds, everything within a casino has been carefully selected to draw you in and immerse players into the plethora of age-old games.

Music has also been a contributor to the widespread appeal of casinos. High-energy bands playing fast-paced music were integrated into casinos from the very beginning. The vast media coverage and the added appeal of brightly colored machines and well-dressed people have created a living for a number of musicians. Investors and other prestigious members of society will often go to casinos in search of their newest prodigy, project, or business partner. High stakes are one of the reasons why people love casinos, the thrill can be addicting and is often something that brings players back time and time again. The sensory overload can be determined by the sights, sounds, and atmosphere created to encourage players to try new games and spend time on whatever appeals to them.

The media has always played a huge role in portraying the glamour, style, and key elements of class appealing to the gambling scene within casinos. We have icons like James Bond to thank for that, adding sex appeal and excitement to the games which wouldn’t have been known otherwise. Audiences around the world love the thrill of action-packed casino scenes and unique fashion and want to be like those in the movies. The influential role of the media is essential in publicizing casinos and making well-known traditional card games even more popular. There is even the power to bring back old trends and games that had been forgotten in the past. We can all agree that there is a certain element of class portrayed in casinos due to the dress codes and classy ways in which players carry themselves.

Card games have a rich history, and many have even been played on the front line. The military is another contributor to why blackjack, baccarat, craps, and other games are so widespread and popular today. When played in the right environment, these games have the power to make or break a person, relationship, or even business transaction. It isn’t all about Poker, and there is a plethora of games with slightly different rules and rounds to choose from.

Power has always played a large role in society, personal relationships, and human nature. The role of power is somewhat removed when playing casino games, as many will say that the outcome is largely determined by chance. However, this isn’t always the case, and some could argue that specific games require strategy and calculation in order to win. Roulette is commonly associated with a probability and statistical chance, for example. It is possible to figure out how to play to win, and some practice is certainly needed before attempting to read opponents’ expressions and body language. Depending on how you choose to play, power is definitely a contributing factor to the appeal of casinos. If you prefer to leave it down to chance and luck, then you might enjoy the feeling of having control removed. In a way, this might make you feel like the outcome is less of your responsibility, and that you can sit back and let lady luck do her thing. Another method is to use ratios, equations, and probabilities to figure out the best time to bet on a game or when to join. You might enjoy the feeling of being more powerful than others and as if you know something that nobody else does.

There is a reason why Vegas is on so many peoples’ bucket lists. From the questionable laws on marriage to the appeal of widespread casinos. The iconic strip in California is known globally for its juggernaut larger-than-life style casinos and enticing atmosphere. Drawing tourists in from its early days, Las Vegas is a place unlike any other when it comes to gambling. The casinos paved the way for the rest of the world and turned it into the multi-million dollar revenue that it is today.

The integration of modern technology is another contributor to the widespread success of casino games. More and more people are casually gambling by playing online slot machines through apps on their smartphones, or on computers. Gambling is more accessible than ever before, which might be why it has become so popular within modern society. The depiction of lavish, excessive lifestyles is becoming more appealing to consumers and members of society today. Not to mention the fact that our busy lives allow room for us to want to escape and find distraction within a casino. These are some of the more popular casino games, complete with origin stories, odds, and fundamental gameplay.

Why casinos are so exciting

Why casinos are so exciting

Firstly, it’s worth considering why casinos are so popular. Put simply, one of the main reasons why people return and regularly attend casinos to gamble within is because of the sheer excitement and thrill that comes with gambling. The lavish outfits of staff and classic arcade-style sounds of slot machines are part of the sensory experience offered. The media portrays people who are regular casino goers as over-the-top characters with excessive lifestyles, and it’s clear to see why. Companies that run casinos spared no expense when creating the overall design. Financial success has always been the image created by gamblers because the attitude and sense of confidence are desirable to many Americans. The ambition and financial abundance are both key players when adding to the thrill of casinos because players never know who they could be playing against. Celebrities, millionaires, and lower classes all enjoy a regular casino visit.

Another reason why casinos are so exciting is because of the role that risk-taking plays in gambling. The adrenaline rush described by players has been said to add to the appeal and offer an experience unlike any other. The anticipation and payout provide a natural high that becomes addictive. For especially high stake games where it’s all to play for, the tense payout adds to the excitement. Knowing that you could lose it all or win big at any time has an enormous thrill among players and spectators. Taking risks is something that is part of human nature, and is a key part of being alive.

Aside from the glamour and risks, casinos offer an exciting escape from the stresses of modern life. Bright colors, loud sounds, and lavish decor help players forget their everyday worries and focus on something else. A great time to reflect and decompress after a hard day at work can be a trip to the casino to play a few rounds on a slot machine. Evolutionary, the human eye is drawn to bright colors and moving objects. This is part of why so many people spend most of their time on these machines when visiting casinos.

The integration of technology into the modern world has made online casinos an easy way to provide an instant distraction from daily life. From the legalities of gambling to the integration of modern technology, casinos have never been so universally available.

The Best Casino Games

The Best Casino Games

These are some of the most popular casino games. It’s hard to define the “best” game, but we’ve highlighted ones with higher chances of winning, more complex and fun ones alike. Let this be a guide as an introduction to casino games with a brief history, as well as for instructions on how to play and win. Competition can divide groups of people, with the adrenaline kick playing a role in tactics and gameplay decisions. Now is your chance to try out a few card games and see which comes naturally to you. There are so many versions that exist within different cultures that it can be confusing to determine exact rules. However, these are the fundamentals of each game, including the role that the dealer plays and the equipment needed if any.



Starting off with the most iconic game known for making gambling culture what we know today is the world-renowned poker. Of course, you will need to work on your poker face to remain anonymous to other players who will be trying to read your face for signals, but once you have that down you will be able to outwit your opponents in no time. There are two different games from which poker is believed to be originated; the French game “poque”, and the Persian game “As-Nas”. These traditional games were evolved into a version that is more widely known today during the 19th century. In Southern America, gambling riverboats traveling on the Mississippi River and around New Orleans spread awareness of the game, and it eventually became well known across the country. One of the reasons why people play poker is to interact with other players and get a feel for the casino scene. It is a much more social game than some others, which tend to focus on the player interacting with the card dealer.

As with any casino game that is played around the world, there are many variants of poker that are widely known and some that are less common. There is a difference between casual and casino play. The role of the dealer usually alternates between players when playing casually, whereas casino play involves a fixed house dealer who handles the cards for each hand. A button, known as the Buck, is rotated around players to determine the order of betting. Variants include straight, stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker. Different sets of rules for each game are fixed limit, pot limit, no limit, and high low split. There are also some versions that are played casually between friends or focused on party games such as strip poker, acey-deucey, red dog poker, three card poker, and pai gow poker which is covered later. Video poker is usually the name given to slot machine concept mechanisms that play draw poker and offer players randomized competitors or play against machines.


Another iconic game within the casino industry is blackjack. Known for needing communication and having high odds, blackjack could be considered more popular than poker itself. The descendant of commonly played twenty-one uses all 52 cards in the deck and is a comparing card game where players compete against the dealer. The aim is to win money by having a deck of cards with a value totaling higher than the dealer’s deck, yet not exceeding 21. Blackjack is very commonly played online as well as in casinos, and the relatively simple concept is extremely widely played. The origins of the game are unclear, although it is believed that blackjack originated in Spain. The first written reference is by the Spanish gambler Cervantes, who describes the aim of the game and the general appeal.


Baccarat is a comparing card game between two hands, the “player” and the “banker”. Each player’s moves are forced by the cards dealt and there are three potential outcomes that are commonly bet on; Banker, Player, and Tie.  James Bond’s casino game of choice is unique to other classic casino games because both players are able to make choices in order to determine the final outcome. Baccarat was first popularized during nineteenth-century French nobility. During the Napoleonic era, early versions were played in private rooms prior to the legalization of casino gambling. A precursor to the modern game is known as macao, which uses two decks of cards shuffled together. This version has been played since the seventeenth century. The most modern form that is played today was developed in Havana during the 1940s. Since then, baccarat has been universally played around the globe and with that, many variants have been developed. These include punto banco, mini-baccarat, super 6, chemin de fer which is french for railway because of its quicker version of the original game using six decks of cards shuffled together. Living up to the name, baccarat banque has made the banker position more permanent within the game.



Translated from the phrase “little wheel”, roulette is one of the oldest table-based casino games that pays well and has great odds and an even greater number of variants. Originally based on the Italian game “Biribi”, roulette involves a croupier spinning a wheel with number slots of traditionally colored red and black, alternating in a pattern. A small ball is rolled in the opposite direction to the spin, and players’ betting success is determined by which small pocket the ball lands in. Players can bet on single numbers, colors red or black, odd or even numbers, or even high or low numbers. This is one of the most widely played games, primarily due to its simplicity and accessibility to the masses.

The wheel concept was originally a part of the search for the motion machine during the seventeenth century. Different versions of wheels exist in the modern world across different locations, including different numbers of slots, which typically determine the mathematical chance of winning. Many have calculated the probability of winning and developed strategies in order to generate the best payout. The sum of numbers on the traditional wheel is 666, otherwise known as the “number of the beast” which adds to the danger element of the game as a whole.


Craps is a dice game that is usually played on a deep-set table with raised sides so that all players can see without the question of interference or cheating in any way. However, a big part of the appeal of this game is how little equipment is needed in order to play. This is why Craps was commonly played in the street by young people throughout history. In 1788, the English version of the dice game Hazard was developed, known as Krabs. Hazard is a game dating back to the Crusades. During 1805, Craps traveled from London to New Orleans, where it slowly began to gain momentum.

 The game was originally rejected by the American higher social class, so was introduced to the local underclass, which is why it exploded in popularity during World War Two. Young Americans who were recruited for war efforts would use a blanket as a shooting surface and create camaraderie among troops who shared childhood games. Following this, the game went on to dominate the casino game in Post-War Las Vegas. Put simply, Craps is essentially betting on a dice roll so is one of the games which is largely up to chance.

Casino War

This is a very fast-paced game that is one of the least played at casinos. Based on the game of war, the game uses six standard 52-card decks. The aim is to get the higher ranking card, aces are the highest. Spectators typically bet on which card will be higher between the player and the banker. The tense game between player and dealer who acts as banker has two outcomes: Surrender, or War. If the player chooses to surrender, they lose half of their bet, whereas if they choose war, they double their stake. It’s also possible to bet on ties. Casino war is relatively new by comparison, with the original patent filed in 1993. 

Pai Gow Poker

Also known as double-hand poker, Pai Gow poker is based on traditional Chinese dominoes games, using the same fundamental rules and goals with cards instead. Known as one of the best games for gambling with the best odds for players, the game follows similar rules for ranking as with traditional poker. Versions were first developed in 1985. There are a lot of different versions of this game that have been developed within the gambling world and also card game world. These include Pai Gow Mania which allows two side bets, Fortune Pai Gow, Emperor’s Challenge, Shuffle Master, and Progressive Fortune Pai Gow.

Slot machines

These are the single most played game in the gambling field. Another key feature of casinos that helped make them what they are today is slot machines. Precursors of modern versions were developed in 1891, where five cards were shown based on poker arrangements within machine displays. These were usually seen in bars, and the payout was usually a free beer. By 1908, more modern mechanisms had come into the light, with “bell” machines being commonly seen in cigar stores, saloons, bowling alleys, and barber shops. However, the prizes were usually fruity flavored gum as time went on, thanks to a small dispenser attachment. This is where the brightly colored lemons, cherries, oranges, and plum symbols used today come from. A slot machine usually displays three or more reels with brightly colored symbols, on which players pull a lever to rotate and rely on chance and luck to generate a match. With 70% of casinos’ income generated by slot machines, they are certainly the most popular, not to mention easy-to-follow game. The appeal of slot machines isn’t always the success rate, but the overall experience including colors, sounds, and added suspense of relying on luck. There is no strategy per se.

There are rising concerns about whether traditional play is being overtaken by modern technology. The first video slot machine was introduced in 1976 in Las Vegas, California. Through the integration of touchscreens and random number generators, yet still using the colored symbols to randomly match and generate a payout, slot machines are even more accessible and there are additional benefits to modernizing this concept. These include offering different kinds of payment options, such as coins, cash, tokens, and vouchers. Being fundamentally a video game, there is scope for a more interactive experience because of the more varied graphics that are now within reach thanks to technology developments. Another option for a more interactive experience is a variety of display options and bonus rounds available.


Man gambling and winning big

Overall, casinos are incredibly popular, and it isn’t hard to see why, when considering how the overall ambiance created can draw people in from around the world. Not to mention the sheer size, widely known games played within, and the symbol of success that they play within society. The role of gambling and casinos has always had a reputation of being exclusive to society’s elite, with many early venues enforcing strict dress codes and behaviors. However, the great thing about the modern world is that gambling is so readily available that anyone can access it online or even in person. Habits are great and if you can afford to support yourself, why not head to your local casino and get a scope for your next business venture.

Of course, it can be argued that gambling is unhealthy and that casinos simply encourage these bad habits that can have negative consequences on an individual’s life. Part of the risk that appeals to people so much is over the power that money plays on modern life. For some people, gambling can easily become addictive and have harmful effects on relationships and home life, as well as employment. If money is tight, it can be difficult to break gambling habits, especially if there is a chance of a high-stakes game where you could turn it around. There are limits to how enjoyable gambling games can be, and the point where the effects become irreversible is very dangerous. People who are addicted to gambling might find themselves asking loved ones for money or even using their personal savings account, which is intended to keep them on their feet. Seek help if you are experiencing financial difficulties, and speak to your loved ones about setting some healthy boundaries. Relationships can also be damaged from this, and that is possibly the time when you will need to take a step back and reassess.

There are always limits and effects of having too much of a good thing, and the modern world has made online gambling more accessible. If you are able to gamble in a healthy way, an easy way to start is through online gambling. Smartphone apps are extremely accessible and offer fast payouts as well as suggestions on other similar games that you might like playing. Computers will anonymously match you with another player of similar abilities, in order to create a sense of healthy competition and even offer the chance to build friendships. Chatrooms are in place on many online casino platforms to allow players to interact and build relationships. The modern world is still finding its feet in terms of gambling, and technology is constantly evolving to find an ideal compromise that incorporates the social element of casinos as well as the traditional card games.

Casinos are not all bad, as the money generated typically goes back into local economies, and percentages of annual revenue are usually donated to charities or local communities. Of course, money makes the modern world go round, and it can have so much power over an individual, but if more casinos start to focus their earnings on supporting good causes and nonprofit campaigns, there could be some positivity put back into the world. Many other casinos also fund organizations that help individuals recovering from addiction and substance abuse. Youth groups are another area of focus who often need help getting back on their feet or finding their place in society.

Charity gambling is a new term known as incentivized gambling. Charities oversee gambling activities and will intervene when players need regular breaks. This kind of scheme allows more money to be spent on charity organizations and more focus on maintaining individuals’ mental health. Another thing that many casinos are doing is hosting auctions in aid of local organizations. Because so many casinos are enormous and impressive constructions, they will often host events within the local community. Many will also contribute to toy and gift drives for children in need during the winter months, building up to Christmas. Drives and promotions like these are also a great way to encourage gamblers to be more aware of their surroundings, and more involved in their community. Advertisement posters promoting these events might make players consider their actions and remind them that their money could be spent elsewhere, such as supporting charities. That said, casinos remain a huge source of advertising, revenue, and marketing. Although some might argue that gambling is an inefficient use of time and money, it can also be said that it encourages financial management and self-awareness. Unique to other common pastimes, players and betters are directly exposed to the risks of their behaviors and how their actions have financial consequences. The self-awareness inside and outside the casino is unlike any other experience, and players typically have greater respect, and understanding for their opponents. They are more aware of the risks and that is what makes the game more exciting and thrilling. Some of the best casino games are the simplest and easiest to follow, such as craps, roulette, and poker war.